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Tropic Aire Humidifier

Tropic Aire Humidifier
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Product Description

Designed to create a healthier environment for reptiles and amphibians from tropical and subtropical regions. This unique device constantly supplies your terrarium with fresh, humid air. Unit sits external to the terrarium, so it can be easily hidden from view. Only the thin output tube sits inside the tank. To use, you simply fill the humidifier tank with water to the fill line. The sponge inside the tank will become moist and saturate the air above the water. This fresh, humid air is then pumped off into your terrarium.

- No more hand spraying (except for dew licking animals)

- Constant supply of humid fresh air

- Healthier reptiles and amphibians

- For use with all terrariums up to 55 gallons (additional units needed for larger terrariums)

Tropic Aire Humidifier Includes:

- Tropic Aire with Humidifier sponge

- 1 Air diffuser

- 1 rigid tube with plug

- 2 suction cups

- 2 suction cup clips

- 1 airline tube for air diffuser

- 8' of Airline Tubing

- Detailed Instruction Pamphlet

PLEASE NOTE.. This item requires a separate air pump to operate (sold separately).