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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Hello! I got my crabs in! All are very active. I love the E’s! They are all settling in very nicely. Thanks!
SHADOEThank you so much I got the crabs they are safe and thank you so much for the third crab! They are so active!…We will be placing another order soon my sister really wants some! Thank you.
JESSICA Cliqued Media

YEAH!!! We got our crabs this morning at 7:30!!! Thanks for the extra one… This made my boys day!

I just wanted to say thank you. I appreciate that he came in on time and was pleasantly surprised at the addition of a small to the order for no cost!Thank you that was sweet! They are both happy and eating well. Again Thank you!!
TAMMYThank you for the extra strawberry, that was a nice surprise. Thank you for the excellent communication. I am looking forward to my next order.

I received my order today ahead of schedule and all my crabs look great . they all seem extra friendly and they were all healthy and happy. thank you again.

Hey, I just received the package and all 5 of the crabs are alive and well. Thank you.
ZACKAll crabs made it alive and healthy they are currently rearranging my large 55 gal crabitat to suit themselves :)and are surprising active! i look forward to ordering more. Thanks again.

Hermies arrived! All healthy! Thanks for the extra Ruggie!

Hi.. They arrived today at 11am. They’re great! And thank you so much for the extra blueberry!

Dear Live Hermit Crabs.. My new pets just arrived.Thank you so much! You have been wonderful to deal with.I had an aquarium all set up for them with lots of shells so the little blueberry already picked a new one.Thanks again!!!

Hi there! We received the crabs this afternoon. They are all in wonderful shape and are very cute. My son is absolutely thrilled with them and we are all thankful for the additional Strawberry crab. Those are the prettiest of all of them IMO. He has already named 3 of them. They are a lot of fun to watch and personalities are somewhat showing themselves already. Thanks again so much, the additional Strawberry is very appreciated–they are just so beautiful. He wanted to say Thank You for getting them to him and for the extra Strawberry as well. He is very excited. Thank you again,

Hi! The hermits arrived well and are having fun exploring their new home. Thanks for the extra indo!

THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!! 🙂 The hermies arrived happy and healthy. I really appreciate the extras!!! I am a severely happy customer and I will be ordering all of my hermit crab needs now from you. Again thank you so much!! A-1 transaction!!!!

They arrived today, great doing business with you! Thanks for the 3rd crab, we were not expecting that! Our daughter was thrilled!!

Thank you very much for all the help and great service. all 3 hermit crabs arrived safely and in good health wed. morning. All is well with them! the jumbo is huge and very people friendly. My friends cant believe how big he is haha. thank you very much for all of your help, I will for sure order from you all again!

They have arrived and thank you for the additional Jumbo crab I really do appreciate it. I opened the bag and all the crabs took off–it was hilarious. Thank you.

Hello, Well today I am emailing you today to thank you for great customer service and for the one extra hermit crab with no charge. Again thanks and now I know a reliable online retailer of live hermit crabs!

Hi, I received the hermit crabs few min ago, and I am amazed to see how healthy all of them look, not to mention very carefully labeled, and packaged- also appreciate two extras you included. I will be recommending your business highly and will be back for other exotics in the spring. Thank you!

Hi! I have been meaning to email you since i received my order. I wanted to thank you so much for processing my order quickly and shipping my hermit crabs and shells in excellent condition. I love the the little guys! They are happily roaming around my tank with their purple pincher friends. Thank you so much! I am extremely pleased with your company and I will be placing more orders with you in the future. No, pet store in my area even comes close to the quality of your company. Thanks