Live Hermit Crab offers a live guarantee on orders that are placed with Express shipping ONLY. Any live order that has ground chosen as the shipping method will NOT be guaranteed.

Please note, these live hermit crabs are wild caught and due to the nature of the wild, they may be brought in with mites. We do our best to ship them mite free as they are treated in our facility. Due to the number of crabs we are treating, we cannot guarantee they will be completely mite free. Please be sure check all crabs upon arrival and treat them if any mites are present. If the crab appears to be mite free, we still recommend keeping them in ISO for at least 5 days before re-checking them. After the 5 days if they are still mite free they may be added to your crabitat.

We would like our customers to understand our payment processing. All payments are through paypal even if you use your major credit card. does not have access to your credit card information. Paypal processes the payment for us. But, Please Note….. When the order is placed, paypal puts a hold on the funds immediately, showing that the funds were removed from your credit card or bank account. has 30 days to process this payment. If we do not process the payment within 30 days, paypal will release the hold on the funds and we are unable to receive the payment. At that point the order needs to be canceled and re-ordered.