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Live Hermit Crabs

Live Hermit Crabs

An Introduction to Dry Land Hermit Crabs

Halloween Crab (Gecarcinus quadratus)Welcome to LiveHermitCrabs.com. To assist you in some of your choices, we have included this section with helpful information regarding some of the common concerns and problems one would face when dealing with hermit crabs in general. Should one be interested in Aquarium Hermit Crabs, please see the other section on aquarium hermits.

Dry Land Hermit crabs are one of the easiest and most rewarding pets one can own, especially when space and time is limited. It is a great choice for young children, are generally easy to care for, and are inexpensive. Now one would think , why are the hermit crabs on this site so expensive. We are not here to make hermit crabs the next wave of popular pet in American homes. We are simply here to make sure that the Hermit Crabs are well cared for, shipped properly, and purchased by people who will care for them and keep them as a real pet.

The link on this page to Crabby Talk is a great start for someone looking to make a decision weather or not they want to keep a hermit crab as a pet. There are very helpful articles there, as well at photos of Hermit Crab Species that are absolutely amazing. If you had any doubts as to a hermit crabs being part of the family, well take a look yourself…

One of the greatest things about hermit crabs is that they are disease free. They can not harbor, carry or infect any disease into or onto a human or pet. This is an important fact, especially nowadays with the concerns of parents and their children. The truth is the hermit crab is a wonderful starter pet for anyone looking to teach a child about the responsibility of a living organism. The care for a hermit will be comparable to that of a tropical plant. In addition to water and feeding however, supplies will need to be purchased based up the needs of the hermit crabs. First of all, an adequate home will need to be supplied. This home must have a top should there be any other pets around. Also a heater will need to be added so that the environment can be kept warm. A dish for water must be added, and a place for food. The best guidelines are laid out for you right on the website, CrabbyTalk.com. Additional information can be purchased in the book section.

Hermit Crabs are a wonderful addition to anyones pet collection, and are readily available in the United States. There are, however, several species that have put on a watch list. These species will never be sold or substituted here for any reason. This watch list was created to prevent the depletion of certain species of wildlife, both land and sea, and must be adhered to by any conscious hobbyist. Any questions concerning acquiring these species as pets available on this website will be deleted.

Any question or concerns you have that you want to send me, I will be more than happy to help you make the right decision when it comes to your pets. After 10 years in the retail business, and an additional 10 as a hobbyist, one begins to understand the do’s and don’t of pet practices, and information I can give to you to help you with you problem, big or small. Do not hesitate to email us at anytime. customerservice@livehermitcrabs.com

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