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8PC Natural Magpie Turbo Shells


Package Quantity: 8pc
Shell size:1.5″~3″ Inch
Shells Opening Size:Approx 0.75″~1.5″ Inch


Heyiwell 8PC Natural Magpie Turbo Shells, Hermit Crab Sea Shells 2″~3″ Inch

Package Amount: 8pc
Shell size:1.five”~3″ Inch
Shells Opening Size:Approx 0.75″~1.five” Inch
Turbo shells best for a growing hermit crab,home decor, Table decorations,nautical and beach themed weddings, festival birthday party decoration craft projects and themed packaging
hermit crab shells come from natural sea shells that may be hand-polished, completely protected and premium durable. Stunning seashell is an nature gift from ocean and in addition indispensable provides for hermit crabs.

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