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African Cichlids Tropical Fish



You will receive 5 total fish. 1 Albino Strawberry peacock cichlid, 1 OB Peacock cichlid, 1 Yellow Sunshine peacock cichlid 1 blue peacock cichlid and 1 red peacock cichlid. These fish are about 2 inches in length. These guys are young and do not need the full color like the adults. The first picture is of the adult fish. The next 5 are of the young fish here. They are going to grow to about 4 to 6 inches as adults. Important shipping information: Now we have a stated handling time of 4 days. Most orders are shipped much sooner. Once in a even as we need the time beyond regulation to prepare them to ship. These fish are aggressive and must be given quite a few space and places to hide. All orders are shipped Fed Ex Priority Overnight. If you order Monday – Wednesday your order will ship the same day or the next day to come. If you order Thursday – Saturday your order will ship Monday for a Tuesday arrival. If you order Sunday your order will ship Tuesday for a Wednesday arrival. We can safely pack and ship your fish by the use of Fedex priority overnight. Live arrival is guaranteed!

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