Live Hermit Crab

Carib Sea – Coco Soft – Fiber 10 Quart




Coco Soft is different. 100% organic coconut husks, a renewable resource, and utilize an exclusive process to create a “pillow soft” surface of interlocking fibers so that your reptile lives on a substrate, as in nature, not in it. Look at Coco Soft under magnification and you will see a spongy sheath covering the fibers. This is nature’s ideal platform for the growth of healthy, waste reducing organisms that keep an enclosure fresher between changing. This spongy material is lost during the soaking process that typical coconut products undergo, along with much of the valuable tannins that naturally resist the growth of undesirable mold and mildew. Coco Soft is also free of toxic aromatic oils! Coco Soft can be used dry or moist and humidity may be adjusted by using a spray bottle or mister of purified water. Heat lamps, and the dry atmosphere of an air conditioned or heated home, can quickly dehydrate a reptile enclosure and its occupants. Even desert species should have water available at all times. Be sure to check humidity and water supply daily for a healthy, happy reptile. Coco Soft is available in both uncompressed fiber and chip. Coco Soft may be mixed into organic soil or sand for terrariums and vivariums. Tip Coco Soft may be safely composted and recycled. It’s great for plants and gardens!