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Chinese Butterfly Plecostomus/ Hillstream Loach



You will receive one (1) Chinese Butterfly Plecostomus/ Hillstream Loach ❤️WELCOME TO MY HAPPINESS PLACE ❤️❤️ 1. We specialize in all strains of exotic guppies, freshwater fish, high quality fish food, and décor. 2. Our fish are healthy, absolute best color and beautiful. Extremely high quality breeder grade 3. We use UPS to ship the fish to make sure Live arrival and the facility to trace the package correctly. 📦SHIP OUT ON MONDAY AND TUESDAY 💕DOA POLICY: If fish arrive dead, please take a clear picture of the dead fish within the bag and out of doors of the bag. Send it to us within 2 hours after first delivery attempt, we will be able to replace with new ones or I will be able to REFUND FISH EXCLUDING SHIPPING. PLEASE ACCEPT OUR POLICY BEFORE YOU BUY. ❤️THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤

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