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Ovipost Banded Crickets (Gryllodes sigillatus) are excellent live feeder insects for reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, birds, fish, and mammals. They’re a staple diet for many animals including lizards, frogs, and tarantulas. Banded crickets also make a nutritious treat for animals with more specific dietary needs, such as the Crested Gecko. Our crickets are raised the use of a specially formulated diet for healthy growth. Crickets have a short digestive tract so it is very important gut-load your crickets before giving them to your pet. The better They’re fed the better the nutrition for your pet. Our crickets are shipped with fresh carrots to keep them fed and hydrated at the same time as in transit. The general rule for determining the right size cricket for your critter is to measure the width between their eyes; the crickets you feed must be no larger than this measurement. Then again, some invertebrates like scorpions and tarantulas will eat crickets that are larger than the width between their eyes. Some small scorpions such as the Hottentotta Hottentotta will eat a cricket that is the same size or even bigger than They’re. 3/4“ and Adult Banded crickets are great for fishing bait. Extreme weather conditions are the #1 cause of damage in transit. Temperatures below 20F and above 95F greatly increases the risk that your insects will be damaged in transit, even with our carefully developed shipping standards. Please check out the temperature forecasts for your shipping destination for the delivery date range before placing an order. If temperatures at the shipping destination are outside of this range, there’s a significant chance your order will be DOA. Understand that mail trucks don’t seem to be climate controlled, nor are mailboxes or porches. Having your order held at the post office will also increase the probability that your insects arrive alive and healthy. Simply add the words “Hold at PO, Call [your phone number]” to the second line of your address field.

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