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Mixed Color Male Guppies


great addition to your tank!


The Fancy Guppy is a beloved fish in the hobby. With such a lot of different variations of color, one can make a stunning display with these fish. They are elegant swimmers, with great personality. Their colors in point of fact pop against a 3D background, or in a well planted tank.
This can be a set of 5 Fancy Guppies. They are about 2″ in size, and are ready for mating. We carry many different colors, please contact us after placing your order if you have desired color patterns, we will be able to do our best to match with your preferences.
Quick Facts:
Care level : Easy
Diet: Omnivore
Temperament : Peaceful
Max Size: 2.5″
Family : Poeciliidae
Item Acceptance Policy: Customers will receive an e-mail with tracking number and a delivery date. The delivery time of our packages will have to be about the same time a customer generally receives mail via UPS or USPS. Please make arrangement ensuring you’ll be able to receive the fish when it is delivered. We don’t seem to be responsible for packages left out in the elements for multiple hours, or for fish that are delivered but not unpacked in a timely fashion.

Dead On Arrival Policy: In the rare event that you receive a dead fish or invert please send us a picture within two hours of delivery, preferably still in the bag. Please include as much information as you’ll be able to so our staff can check into the issue. Provided a customer follows our Item Acceptance Policy, we will be able to then offer a refund, a replacement shipment, or a replacement fish on a future order. These instances are handled case by case, as it is such a rare occurrence.

Coloring Notice: The fish in our images are most steadily developed adult fish, steadily times the fish you receive are juveniles. As time goes on your fish will grow and fully color up.

great addition to your tank!

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